09 May 2014

Fat Activism for Unruly People, a workshop in Detroit

I'm coming to Detroit in June to present a workshop about fat at the Allied Media Conference (AMC).

The AMC is a wonderful annual gathering that supports and develops social justice media organising. The conference takes a broad view of media, with a strong emphasis on grassroots and Do-It-Yourself endeavours. I dare you to read the Allied Media Projects Network Principles without weeping. I went to the conference in 2012 and was blown away by its intergenerational, intersectional joie de vivre and I hope I have other opportunities to attend in the future.

Every year there are specialist 'tracks', which are themed series of events. The Research Justice track was life-changing for me. This year, the AMC is hosting its very first fat track, called Abundant Bodies, with many great speakers and activities. My workshop is part of this.

I proposed this piece because the fat activism I enjoy least, and which seems most preponderant to me, is about defending my right to exist. This work is necessary, but I also look to activism to help create liveable worlds for people, on our own terms, right now. I want different kinds of fat activism to emerge and I think the margins, not the centre, is where this good stuff happens.

Here is the blurb:

Fat Activism for Unruly People: creating experimental fat activist media to resist normativity and assimilation

I'm not looking for fat activism that produces well-behaved citizens on the back of inequalities; what I want is wild, weird, funny and free. In this session we will explore queer forms of fat activist media that disrupt the push towards assimilation and normativity prevalent in the movement, and make some space for those of us who don't want or will never get a place at the table. Together we will develop ideas and strategies for righteous fat activist media experimentation.

What you will get if you come to this workshop:
The ability to imagine and create customised, experimental fat activist media.
An awareness of international historical fat activist media that seeks to resist assimilation.
An awareness of potential media resources available to YOU.
New friends and activist networks.
Hope, optimism, agency and energy.

There is a fundraising project associated with Abundant Bodies to help get fat people to the AMC. If you or someone you know has any spare cash at all, please consider making a donation. Pass it on too.

Fat Activism for Unruly People
Saturday 21 June 2014
11.00 – 12.30
Old Main 111
Allied Media Conference
Detroit, Michigan

I hope to see you there!

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Alexis Alexander said...

this sounds amazing, wish I could be there!